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How To Hard Reset Your BlackBerry Torch

It took some searching, as I was sick and tired of having to pull the battery when my BlackBerry froze up, but I finally found out how to hard reset by BB without pulling the battery.

Here’s the details on how to hard reset your BlackBerry without pulling the battery:

  • Press and hold the following 3 keys for at least 5 seconds, until you see the red status light turn on and stay red: (Left Alt) + (Right Shift) + Del
  • You’ll see the BlackBerry splash screen as it reboots which means you can released the key combo and let it reboot on its own. This works like a charm.

If you find the key combo tough to do, try using both hands, pressing the Left-Alt with you left thumb, the Right-Shift with your right index finger, and the Del with you right middle finger.

If you know of any other shortcut tips, please share them in the comments.

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  • Agnes james

    The above solution to reset your Blackberry Smartphone worked great for my device also. I got the Same solution mentioned over here. It solved my issue for my BB device when I had to wipe & Backup my data.
    Thanks! for sharing this info